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Originally Posted by snooks View Post
I pulled the latest changes (from UPDATE: IPlugControls) and the issue isn't there anymore. (The commit I was on before when I reported the issue and made the gifs was "BUGFIX: Loading multiple plugins...".)

That's it working now. (I'm on Win10 btw I deleted my "Mac" a while ago).

Re the new changes, I don't know if I like the "Reopen plugin interface to get new size" when multiple interfaces are open and one has been changed. I think that might be better off happening just as and when a user changes size. Just a suggestion.

edit: that didn't make sense. I mean the change should either happen to all at once or just when the plugin UI is closed then reopened. I don't think the big message is necessary.
Great! I know that reopen to get new size is not good, but I had hard time finding a way to avoid it... I will look again to see if I can do something...
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