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Default MPL scripts thread: questions, discussion, bug reports

Feel free to discuss here any script I wrote.
All scripts are easily downloadable with awesome ReaPack manager extension. For any special needs you can take a look at source code. To see what was recently updated: ActionList >> ReaPack: Browse packages >> rightclick on row >> check 'Last Updated' >> sort by 'Last Updated'.

There are a lot of stuff so here is very short overview of some:
  • Align takes - Aligning takes based on their level energy matching
  • Enlarge selected track - replika of Cubase feature, make track height track selection depended
  • InstrumentRack allow to quick access all instruments in current project
  • InteractiveToolbar an script displaing some information about different objects, also allow to edit them quickly without walking through menus and windows.
  • Isomorphic keyboard - special virtual keyboard for REAPER, support custom layouts/scales and microtones
  • LearnManager - at the moment the only way to quick overview current and default parameter MIDI/OSC mappings
  • Mapping Panel - advanced macro control beetween plugin parameters in project, support multiple linking, formulas and fixed auto learn macro controls to controller.
  • Quantize Tool - advanced groove quantisation of item positions, notes, stretch markers or envelope points to each other, also support SWS grooves
  • Parameter Modulation Viewer - allow to quick overview linked parameters on selected track and create new links from last touched parameters
  • RetrospectiveRecord JSFX + Script writing/dumping MIDI data into project without recording
  • RS5k scripts for listing and exporting samples for ReaSamplomatic5000 from arrange without actuial opening and setting up things
  • RS5k manager - handling ReaSamplomatic5000 instances on selected track
  • SendFader - advanced sends control
  • Send tracks - routing matrix for sends, support multichannel sends
  • Snap takes (or selected notes) to scale - quick way to snap notes/takes to scale without opening MIDI Editor and without additional actions
  • StretchMarkerGuard - algorithm for transient protection peak-based stretch markers
  • VisualMixer - mostly same as Izotope Neutron Visual Mixer
  • WiredChain - allow to route FX in a modular fashion

A must have package for make my scripts working (it does nothing itself, but contain a lot of functions used by scripts): mpl_Various_functions.lua
  • run ActionList > ReaPack: Browse packages...
  • navigate and install Various_functions package
is a Telegram channel for bug reports and feature requests related to existing scripts I wrote.

I hope my work can makes REAPER better for you.
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