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Originally Posted by serr View Post
You can simply use the x32 as an audio interface and ignore it's built-in mixer features if you wish. Reaper's a champ for running live sound. Use whatever plugins you want(*).

* With the disclaimer that their internal latency doesn't exceed your block size. (This would only come up with some heavy weight plugin that you probably wouldn't be using live anyway.)

Being familiar with running live sound gigs with Reaper as the DAW, if I patched an x32 in for an audio interface, I'd be mixing FOH with Reaper. I might run the monitors with the built-in mixer on the x32.
I would love to hear more about this from you.

For a few months now, I have been using Reaper while doing live sound with an Allen & Heath QU16. I use the USB out of the mixer to send my lead vocal to Reaper for processing with plugins (along with the Voxengo SPAN rta). It's made mixing live so much more fun. I then only use that signal for my FOH mix, while the lead vocal in the monitors is still mixed from the QU-16 exclusively.

I am worried about relying too much on my computer/Reaper, however. Fortunately, if anything goes wrong, all I have to do is mute that channel where it returns on the QU16 and pull up one fader on the QU16 and keep going.

The most I have tried was also mixing the snare in Reaper to use the elysia nvelope for more attack when I get really light hitting players. It boggles my mind to think that I could get away with doing the whole FOH mix in Reaper.
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