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Mihail, any chance of adding / modifying the 'List next sample in directory for RS5k' script for the OSX Mavericks?

I have this project with hundreds and hundreds of drums, and as you probably know, RS5k on OSX doesn't let you move cursor keys for the previous / next sample. Instead you have to use mouse and click manually which for near thousand samples would mean clicking it thousand times. Yikes!

I was happy to see your script and thought i found the solution to the problem. But for some unfortunate reason, the script doesn't move to the next sample. I have the latest Reaper 5.40 64bit running on OSX Mavericks. I have Reapack up and running. No issues there.

Hey, I'd be glad to toss in some cash for the beers if you can make that script work on Mavericks (FTW!). Cheers!!!
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