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Ever since 5.65pre2 I've been unable to access the "Add FX" submenu item in the "FX extended mixer context" (in reaper-menu.ini it is listed as "item_0=41073 Add FX", and it's the "Add FX chain" default menu item apparently). This is a drop-down menu for FX Chains, the same as "Quick add FX" is for single effects. It is _absolutely crucial_ for my workflow, and I would like to know how to get it back please?


This is pretty weird. If I do a portable install with the latest pre, the "Add FX chain" menu item works correctly again: it displays an fx chain that I copied in to the portable install's FXChains folder. But if I replace that folder with my main install's FXChain folder, and then add a second "Add FX chain" menu item to the FX extended mixer context, it doesn't display the contents of the folder and lacks that little arrow indicating a submenu. But the original "Add FX chain" still works even with the copied FXChain folder.

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