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OK - I found out how to change the meters. I just deleted all the meter png files, and now the theme tweaker settings work.

The secret is - to edit the "ReaperTheme" file, and down at the bottom point it to the correct path for the png files etc.
I had changed the name of the theme file and the folder (to Blackmore-JB) so it was looking in the original location.

The only thing left is - there is a text readout in the TCP meters, and it's not legible with my green (and yellow and red) meters. If I could change it (from grey) to bright white - that would be wonderful.

Also - I'd still like to change the "notch" on the pan knob from black to white - to make it more readable. I don't really see where to do this either - but I know it's in there somewhere...
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