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Originally Posted by Zerododo View Post
unfortunately i've understand where the problem is... in "midi cc mode" Nucleus cannot accept midi return data... it can only send them (page 37 of the manual).

thanx for help, sorry if you have lost time for this...
One last thought.

Does the Nucleus controller ever follow plugin GUI changes? - so if it's learned to a plugin and you change the values in the plugin - does it ever update when you change the values in the plugin - maybe by changing a preset or something?

I'm just wondering whether this only works in VST's or something - if so - you could try hosting the Faderbox JSFX in ReaJS - mapping your controller to ReaJS Faderbox - then see if it will monitor the VST's parameters... I know this is how I have to set up when using Novation Automap - but this is because the plugin is wrapped by automap and this wrapped version feeds the parameter values back to the controller - so it may not happen with the Nucleus unless it does something similar.

Just seems a bit of an oversight of an otherwise excellent controller if it cannot map values in both directions when using encoders.
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