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Default Icon Qcon ProX and Reaper

Hello, I thought I would let everyone here know about the Qcon ProX (and XS extender) and how it works with Reaper. I have been researching surface controllers for a few months and really had my heart set on a Mackie MCU until I saw the ProX. There are several posts on the older Qcon, a few on the M-series, but almost nothing on the ProX. I went ahead with the purchase and everything works well with the default MCU profile, Klinke, or the new CSI.

Nearly everything works as expected with a few exceptions. 1) The master fader meter does not light. 2) the 2nd display near the fader does not show any useful info. 3) There are 3 blank buttons that have no function and can't be programmed at all as of now. Any of this could change in the future...

Depending on which MCU profile you use, you will get different functions and slightly different experience. For example, Klinke 0.8 will not allow you to use the XS extender, but you get full control of plugins and sends as well as folder mode. The default MCU will let you use the extender(s) but you lose all those other functions...just basic controls. In both of these, the LED meter bridge levels are a little bit higher than they should be. I'm currently using Geoff's CSI, which is amazing even if unfinished right now. LEDs are perfect, can control plugs and sends, and more. But, takes a lot of trial/error to build/map your surfaces.

I like this surface, although it's not perfect. The button layout is rather absurd if you ask me (save/undo far away, jog wheel is in the way of transport buttons), and I was hoping the buttons would be rubber and quiet, not plastic clicky buttons, but there is no place to get my hands on one in advance, so there it is. However, everything on this is metal (except buttons) so build quality is great. It may seem like they copied directly from the MCU, but there are several buttons on the MCU that are not on the ProX, so keep that in mind (Klinke, for example, uses some of these unavailable buttons) All in all, it's cheaper than the MCU and has the meter bridge and can be expanded, which makes it a very good option between the MCU and X-Touch.

edit: almost forgot one very important You may have read that Icon support is non-existent but in my experience that's not really true. Icon itself has no support in the USA but they do have authorized dealers. In CA there is Mixware, and their support is fantastic. I emailed them with some questions about how it works with Reaper, and support wrote a full page response in detail from downloading Reaper for the first time to installing Klinke's plugin, and verifying all of my concerns.

Any questions just let me know.

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