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Originally Posted by studer58 View Post
I also have an ageing ProjjectMix IO like yours, and I've just found this discussion thread. Generally most of the functions work OK in Cubase or Mackie HUI mode in Reaper: faders, mute, solo and transport, but would your script enable me to use the ProjectMix rotary encoders to control Reaper plugin currently that's missing in both the modes mentioned ? I'm hoping your script will enable this...have you had any success on that front with your ProjectMix IO ?
Yes. Perfectly.

Both faders and rotary encoders with feedback.

Basic setup - with IO in MIDI mode (press MIDI button)

- if you can program the MIDI outputs to say CC0-7 (encoders) + faders (if you want) CC8-16. All on same channel. (This is my default setup).

Then in Reaper - learn sliders 1-8 in faderbox to encoders 0-7 on the IO.

Then learn sliders 9-17 in faderbox to faders 9-17 on the IO.

Set midi feedback CCs to 0-31 in the Faderbox.
Set midi feedback channel to whatever the encoders/faders output on.

Then finally set a hardware midi output on the __LBX_SKCTL track to the ProjectMix IO Control.

Done - Smart Knobs will now translate all incoming fader and encoder movements (in MIDI mode) to your plugins - and faders and encoder positions will keep track of any changes in the plugins, and refresh when you change plugin etc.

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