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Originally Posted by TheNeverScene View Post
Here is my first attempt at a theme since I've been happy with the good ole' 3.0 theme until a couple of days ago. This one is basically the Default 5.0 with some added dimension.
good job, way to step up and take stab at it.
I'm currently working on R4 and R5 default layout versions for LCS_Blue, so it was interesting to see this.

Originally Posted by TheNeverScene
Thanks to Lucas_LCS and I think Albertxxxx for the faders. I used the toolbar icons and the transport from Lucas' LCS GOLD theme. That was a bit of a Hail Mary at the end and I was shocked that it actually worked.
Your Welcome! But that also means there is a bit of White Tie in there, which never hurts.

Originally Posted by TheNeverScene
I really had no idea what I was doing.
no one does until they start doing it. Welcome to club!

Originally Posted by TheNeverScene
Edit: Tried to add image url but no go.
Start the IMG tag:
put the link to the image right after it:
Turn off the IMG tag:
it looks like this:

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