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Default I LOGIC V3 SOON !!


I Logic Series V3.5
- Better Contrast
- Replacement of I/O mcp and tcp
- New layout Inspector and Master
- Add Icons
- Update Splash Screen
- Add Number in meter ( request )
- and fix some little bugs reports

Include : I logic v3.5
: I Logic v3.5 BIG ( taller faders )
: I Logic v3.5 WC ( Regular icons and no configuration)

NOTE>> This version not include PT STYLE will be back with EXTENDED version free for V3 Users

The present version is not 4k
only HD but the v3 will soon be in 4k mode thank you for being patient.

-Adjust Selected items
-Waves turn to White ( request )
-Fix Locked item color
Change the fx style in tcp
Add New Tcp layout 1-Default no pan
2-Minimal B
New Control Master B

Include i logic v3.10WC without configuration
Use the same download link for the updates

After downloading please read the text sheet so as not to make mistakes

If you find any bugs please share them here on the forum thank you!
this version is for v5 and will be updated at the release of the v 6 of Reaper

DEFAULT Version without configuration ( No Big tool bar,No Tcp Add,Menu ,)

Drag and drop I logic V3.0 Into the folder Reaper theme or,just drag and drop on desktop Reaper icon


ATTENTION : Before importing the config,go on Reaper top menu choose preference and general.Export your config (if you want a Future Backup ) And name it Default

After exporting,Return in reaper top menu preference,general and import I Logic V3.0 Config
That will give : Big toolbar ,Another Master,and Tcp Add Section. Easy

There is a LINK FOR DONATE >>>

PLS INCLUDE A VALID EMAIL With your donation ! and say what theme you want

Use the same download link for the updates

A full video soon on youtbe!

My Themes :I Logic V2.:I Logic V1.:I Logic NeXt.:Concerto.

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