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Sorry for the hijack Big A
Well I am having trouble too
I have ARA Melodyne opening well on a track
I wish to save file after processing into a midi file.
The trouble for me is Melodyne plug in seems not to have the correct copied tempo changes from Reaper .
I have tempo at 120 in 2/4 on bar 40 then tempo 137 in 4/4 on bar 41 to the end.
Melodyne plugin has as it's tempo as 157 or there about's.
You can guess the rest. I tried changing the tempo to 137 as in Reaper and when imported into Reaper it was so slow...
How do I get the correct tempos into Melodyne plugin?
I am at this time visually impaired but have tried to figure this one out on my own.
On loading the file the rate sounds correct with the wrong rate in Melodyne, on export the rate is wrong. (
Looking for a kind soul to shed some light on this for me please.
Okay I tried again this time the tempo was advertized as 137/157 whatever is meant by that.
I highlighted the track from the bar that starts tempo 137 and exported for midi.
The file that comes back is the whole track long so I deposit this at bar 1.
This melodyne midi file changes my whole timing rate so no good.
I am doing something wrong?
Turned of tempo edit 04/28/2019 still the same result.
I just want to do this........
I just want to place a wave file in Melodyne and export it as middi and have it play back from
whence it came at the same tempo as when it left?

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