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Default 'Smart' punch-in using some part of auto-trim feature?

I use reaper for voiceover, and at the moment, when I mess up, I just stop and say the line again, then take out the error in editing.

I've heard a more efficient way can be 'punch and roll', using punch-in mode and pre-roll, and they work ok, but the pre-roll duration is necessarily fixed; sometimes it might take you too far back, which wastes time, and sometimes not far enough, in which case you still have that edit to do in post.

I therefore wondered if one could make a custom action that set the auto-punch before the beginning of the first word of the sentence you started and messed up and then added a pre-roll from there, rather than just from where the play cursor was when you hit the key. I.e something like the noise threshold you can set parameters for as part of the auto-trim function (remove silence) action.

tldr: is there an action, or could there be a custom action, that (when a key is pressed during recording) sets the cursor just before the last instance of a waveform exceeding a db threshold?
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