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Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
2 questions for the devs while you're dealing with automation items.

1. Are you aware that many actions (select points, invert points, remove points etc...) affect underlying envelope even if it is bypassed and thus practically invisible and shouldn't respond to edits.

2. Edits through API don't affect automation items with shared pool (or other points in the same looped automation item). Is this a bug or a feature?
Let me just try and get devs attention one more time.

There but be a way to work with automation item SOURCE directly instead of going through all the points of the looped item and doing all sorts of wacky calculations to determine what needs to get edited where.

Pooled automation items don't seem to pose much of a problem, but looped automation items...yikes!

What do you think, is it too much to ask for yet another API that deals exclusively with automation items source instead of currently visible points?

I'm thinking like this:
1) API to translate current point id to source point id. For example, if item is looped you could supply any point id and get the point id of the automation item source.

2) API to traverse only through points in source. This would probably have to all work in QN, not time units. Updating a point here would update all the points in the looped automation item. Maybe even update all the pooled copies too?

Maybe there's a better approach, but there must be a way to ease this

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