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Originally Posted by peter5992 View Post
Cool review.

I could write a book on my sentiment about guitar pro. My opinion is that Guitar pro 5 was an incredible tool for guitar players learning to branch out and make full songs. It really changed me as a writer. Then they took everything good about gp5 (mainly an intuitive and easy workflow) and completely shit the bed with guitar pro 6. People didn't use GP for sound design, they used it as an easy way to compose and construct ideas. So taking a simple to use product and making it cumbersome to use is a level of screw up that is actually impressive to me.

I have guitar pro 7, and while it's pretty cool and definitely better than 6, it just serves no purpose for me 12 years later. The work flow is better than 6 for sure, but it is still just too heavy and glitchy, too many things that it does not need and makes it bloated. Gp5 was light weight, took 1 minute to install. You got your ideas down quickly, or you branched out and made drafts for songs. There is so much in 7 that does not need to be there and defeats the purpose.
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