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Default control surfaces in linux and can I use a second keyboard for that?

On linux I seem to have a lot more apps running at once to do the same job and it is giving me issues with focus and key commands - reaper is often not in the foreground but i still want it to respond.

This is exacerbated by key commands not being forwarded to the main reaper window if I have focus on a WINE plugin gui or a lv2 plugin running in the carla rack plugin.

I want to see if I can setup a control surface for transport and actions, but i'm not that interested in faders and knobs - I mostly want buttons.

So i have two questions , maybe they should be split into different threads.

1. Can I use a second keyboard as a control surface that connects only and always to Reaper regardless of focus, and has all my programmed actions assigned.

How would I set this up?

If this can't be done or is too difficult then that leads me to my second question.

2. What control surfaces work well with reaper in linux? I am thinking of something like the Behringer X-touch one as an alternative to the second keyboard method above.
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