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Icon released a new firmware Ver 2.0, pretty major change. The big change was to the layout of the button overlay. It's actually a nice reconfiguration, even if they can't move the buttons, just regrouping them to make sense is a nice change. Here's the new layout:

The midi mapping follows the buttons, so if you don't have to remap anything. But, now we get additional buttons: Send and EQ, which now mirrors the MCU Pro and if you use Klinke's config, then you get these functions now. You'll also notice that the new layout corresponds to Klinke's layout, so very good for those who use it.

They also removed a couple redundant buttons (Next, Last), and now the 5 unmarked buttons are all unique so it's possible to use them for custom buttons or whatever. They got rid of all the DAW specific "modes", so Reaper users will just use the MCU mode.

Otherwise, I haven't notice any performance improvements at all or anything else to mention.
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