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Another Update:

1st, I forgot to mention that the new firmware also adds another LAYER of buttons for F1-F8, so now there are more buttons to program! Also, the upper display info is swapped, so now track name is under the pan setting display.

Mainly wanted to update about an issue I had recently, and how it was solved. About 1 month ago, my XS extender unit stopped working. It would power on, but nothing on the display, and wouldn't show up in devices. Even in Midi-OX nothing was recognized or responsive. I hit up Mixware support, and it turns out the base programming was somehow corrupted. I had to send my device in, they reprogrammed it (actually stuck a new "module" inside, whatever that is), and sent it back. Just got it a few days ago, all is working well now. There's even an update to match the display changes with the ProX main unit.

Mixware charged me nothing for the repair. Even though I purchased this through a competitor (on Ebay for that matter) they honored the repair at no cost. Turn around was about 3 weeks overall.

Just want to reiterate that there is good support for these units.
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