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funny as I just stumbled upon your script after having spent 1 hour last night explaining to another musician how to create seamless loops.

I use a good old basic method, copy paste and then cut and rearrange, totally seamless.
I tried your script as it would be a huge time saver, but I always have some clics, so for now I'll still use the manual method I guess

EDIT: To create a seamless loop, I copy my item, so now I have two items. My time selection is now double of the final one I want, but I render it. Now I cut the middle portion, and I have a perfect loop. For it to be really what I want, I have to cut it in half and swap the two parts.

I just tried it again, with a tricky one, just two notes of piano, with a huge reverb. I tried different settings with your script, and I always have a click, or the reverb tail is not natural. Using my manual technique it loops perfectly. I now just have to find the time/skills to create a script that does just that: copy the item after itself, render the two items as a wave, and cut it/rearrange it.

EDIT2: I tried your method, manually, to see if it can work in my extreme example, that is, just using the tail... it should/could work in theory... but with my example, either I get a slight click at the beginning... or an unatural cut of the reverb if I apply even a tiny fade in.

In conclusion, I'll stick to the good old method of copying the item at the end of itself.. !
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