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Originally Posted by sonicowl View Post
Hey, lb0.
I load strips directly from LBX stripper. But... Is there a way to load strip with key command? Or with FX chain?
Hey sonicowl,

I have to say I cannot remember off the top of my head. I'll try and find out tomorrow.

But - very soon I'll have an update to Stripper which features a new 'dynamic mode'.

This works in a similar way to Mix Mode - but automatically loads strips depending on strips already dragged in (if multi plugin strips) - and fx on the track (for single plugin strips). So this saves all the hassles if you've added fx plugins outside of Stripper.

It also works using a single surface - and storing/reloading strips from memory when you change the internal track value.

It also adds special placeholder strips for any fx lacking a prebuilt strip. These include a button to open the fx gui and also a button to invoke an edit strip mode - where you can start with prebuilt generic templates and just add what you need. Then hitting a save button automatically associates the strip with that fx plugin - and flips back to the dynamic mode track - where you hit a refresh button and it reloads everything including any edited strips.

The only real restriction at the moment is that subset snapshots don't yet work perfectly (newly added ones are lost when refreshing), but page snapshots are working.

Also multi plugin strips still need to be dragged in within Stripper - I'll need to come up with something clever to make this work automatically.

But overall - for mixing tasks - this works much better than mix and live modes.

Obviously - all the other modes are still there if you're more into creating crazy layouts and stuff along the lines of what Timbralzoom does.

I'll try to create a video soon - as well as actually release the working update (and it's working very well so far - I'm using the new mode all the time).

This update and further intensive work on my Smart Knobs 2 script (not yet publicly released) is why I've been pretty quiet recently

But good things are coming...

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