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Originally Posted by sonicowl View Post
Hey, lb0.
I load strips directly from LBX stripper. But... Is there a way to load strip with key command? Or with FX chain?
Ok - I just checked

You can use Shift+1 - 9 to insert strips that are located in those positions in the strip browser FAVS. (use 0 to open strip browser and add strips to FAVS folder (use the * button above a strip to add to favs). You can also move strips around in the strip browser (to change their slot) - i think by right-click and drag.

There's also a way to automatically insert default strips to a page by naming the track a certain way then opening Stripper. Again I cannot remember the exact format but I think it involves adding the strip name in square brackets before or after the track name (or something along those lines) - I'll check tomorrow.
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