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Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
This might help:, different but also a very cool XY JS ("FoXY controller" by zorn).
Thanks Jeffos, I've just tried your MIDItoReaControlPath and I'm a happy man works great, you made my day !
I'm going to answer myself with this in the other thread, for the sake of future users search.

Originally Posted by Reflected View Post
if you can make something like the metasurface in audio mulch, that would be super.
it morph between states unlike the standard xy
Wow, I just looked at the video demo of that, it's great !
Tell me if I'm right : the current "patch" point of parameters is the average of each patch points, the ratio being the distance to the point, correct ? And this would be send via a bunch of CCs too I guess ?
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