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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Ah, I see. Yes, it is a shame the meters still take over the lower display. I did a quick check on the stock Reaper MCU plugin and they take over there too. I'd just assumed (wrongly) that they'd only kick in when the transport was running.

I guess if they're going to take over the lower display it's probably best to have them working, then folks can decide if they'd rather have the meter or the pan info.

The pan info does come back if you turn a control when the transport is stopped. Maybe if I put the VUMeter in it's own Zone I could flip back and forth? I there a way the Pan Zone can auto GoZone on transport stop? Just thinking out loud
Nah, it's WAY worse internally than that

Turns out, the CSI code WAS right, but there was a missing step elsewhere -- a SysEx message for each Channel to set the surface Channel to meter mode.

But wait, there's more -- that means it's a Surface state -- if you change pages, guess what ? Yup it's still in meter mode.

It stays in meter mode until you send it SysEx to go out of meter mode, or you power in off -- Uggghhh.

So, think the best we can do without a gazillion special case duct tape workarounds -- if playing do this, if stopped do that etc. -- which are Ux KILLERS by the way -- is to implement your solution -- ya gotta really want meters -- for me the lower display is WAY more important, but CSI is all about choice

Yup, methinks this goes on the back burner for now, much more low hanging fruit to gather first.

So, in next build adding MCU VU will also show on lower display, and you are committing for ALL Pages -- about the best we can do for now...
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