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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
OK, what you are seeing here is the big new thing. Its a bold move, but I've made it very, very easy for the user to change with a layout swap or using the adjuster script. Allow me to make the case:

Reaper can be taxing for visual searching (and this is also intimidating to new users) because it has an enormous number of controls if you have the mixer open, because you're seeing everything twice. The workflow approach would be to say that if you are using the mixer AND the track panels, you may often be doing the same thing on them, but you're doing so in different workflow modes. Other DAWs enforce those modes by never putting some controls on their track panel; this is the Reaper equivalent. If you're using def6, layout A, and you haven't used the theme adjuster script, and the mixer is visible, the hour zero context... it only shows the pan and route controls on the mixer, not both. Because if you were to make a generalization (definitely not one size fits all...) that's where they are most useful.

I'm tidying elements from the interface based on workflow observations. The kind of thing almost all software does and, some argue, Reaper should do more of. But I've Reaper'd it by making it completely reversible. Hopefully this will all be a lot more 'ah, nice!' rather than 'wuh, WTF?' once Kenny has done a video on it
Ah, nice (already)! Thanks for the explanation - got it...very nifty indeed!
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