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Originally Posted by creal View Post
I just tested the brand new 6.0rc3.

2) The MIDI editor does not still display in full screen (see the bottom space):
This thread is for testing the V6 default theme; that's a different theme altogether Please note that you will need to be patient with other theme makers to update their themes for Reaper's new HiDPI functionality that is preparing for launch as we speak.

I'm not sure what's going on with your midi editor, but its not a theme thing so its beyond my capability to help you with, sorry. Maybe a windows taskbar thing?

Originally Posted by bFooz View Post
I have noticed that after RC1 some of my toolbar icons went from white to gray. For example these latter two, while the first two icons are ok.
That is, I assume, because you had overwritten the default fallback icons instead of the replacement icons being included in a theme. Theme makers tend to instruct users to do this so that their icons appear in the icon selector - which is a good reason, but is due to the icon selector not looking inside themes, which it really should.

What this means is when I updated the default icons, it overwrote the icons you had overwritten. This is working how its supposed to, themes aren't supposed to overwrite Reaper's fallback content, but its just never happened before, so I can see how it could come as a surprise. Sorry.

Originally Posted by mlprod View Post

- Envelope indent doesnt not work when dragging a track into a folder. You have to re-show the envelope to get the indent.

- Again, the scaling in the transport is messing up the selection time boxes. The more elements added the more chance it gets cramped. Though, there are space left so I guess it should work.
That envelope thing sounds like a Reaper redraw error. Could I ask that you make a licecap of it and post it in the main thread please?

Regarding the transport selection text - Ah, at last we have it! OSX, right? Its translating to the wrong text size I'll get the fix in, thanks.
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