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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
This thread is for testing the V6 default theme; that's a different theme altogether Please note that you will need to be patient with other theme makers to update their themes for Reaper's new HiDPI functionality that is preparing for launch as we speak.

I'm not sure what's going on with your midi editor, but its not a theme thing so its beyond my capability to help you with, sorry. Maybe a windows taskbar thing?

All my remarks worth for the v6 theme even if my screenshots are taken from a 3rd-party theme.

You're right. When the Windows taskbar is hidden, the MIDI editor tooks all the vertical space screen, as intended. In the opposite, the MIDI editor is "blocked" by a transparent Windows taskbar, as if Reaper could not be "above" it. This strange behaviour happens only with Reaper. All my other music apps (for example: Ableton Live, Akai MPC, Traktor, Sibelius) or just other apps (for example: Vegas Pro, Guitar Pro) are their fullscreen fine with floating windows. I guess it's the same for all Windows users.

But since it always happened, it's not related to the V6 theme especially so I can move the problem to another thread.
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