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Default Performing a smooth update on the NINJAM server

Hi all,

So I have the NINJAM server that hasn't been updated for almost 2 years ago. I don't know what version of the NINJAM server it's on, but I've noticed a new version 0.080 is out iirc, and I've noticed there are some reasonable bug fixes and features that I would like on the server (ex: 'chat MSG' on the logs, and MOTDfile.txt).

Because my server is always online 24/7, since it's a public server listed in the public listing, I'm always weary on updating the ninjam server (all 8 of them), but I can perform the upgrade on one of the private servers.

Are there any ways to perform a smooth update on the NINJAM server? I don't mind if I take one of the servers down for testing.

The server running is an Ubuntu Server 18.04
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