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Originally Posted by onewayout View Post
Thx Everyone,

I figured out that the project was somewhat corrupt....I opened another similar project and everything was I just copied all my trks to another project.

What I'm doing is using my 48k projects and running them at 96k and this machine is AWESOME no issues at all now....I did tweak the buffering after watching Jon's vid on it... !! I'll tell you guys I never thought uping my sample rate could help PLUS I didn't have a machine that I thought could handle it....BUT it is like NIGHT n DAY instead of PILING on plugins to get that THICK WARM sound like I was used to in tape you can hear it INSTANTLY in 96k!! It is a BLESSING...I would be doing 192k but most plugin's don't work with that sample rate...

Thks for all the input again everyone...Jeff
Youre making me want to upgrade... No fair!
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