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Originally Posted by onewayout View Post
One of the posters said he's freezing the plugins as he goes and it's working great cause you can always just unfreeze and tweak the vsts.... Food for thought..☺️
That's me. I freeze every track that has an fx on it. It makes Reaper work dreamy here. I basically use 3 toolbar buttons. Do what works for you ! I stay at 128/3ms buffer for low latency so I need this to keep from stuttering.

I also have scripts here:

The attached JB_Select_Children_With_FX finds all tracks with media and fx on them and selects them. It makes it easy for me to pick all the tracks to freeze. Then Ctrl click any to add/remove before freezing.

Then I run this:

Custom: Freeze to stereo
Script: JB_remove_Frozen_from_track_name.lua
Track: Freeze to stereo (render pre-fader, save/remove items and online FX)
Script: JB_add_remove_Frozen_to_from_track_name.lua

To unfreeze I run.
Custom: UnFreeze All Frozen
Script: JB_select_frozen_tracks.lua
Custom: Unfreeze tracks
Track: Unfreeze tracks (restore previously saved items and FX)
Script: JB_add_remove_Frozen_to_from_track_name.lua
Peaks: Rebuild all peaks
Peaks: Rebuild all peaks
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