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Originally Posted by onewayout View Post
Thx Everyone,

I figured out that the project was somewhat corrupt....I opened another similar project and everything was I just copied all my trks to another project.

What I'm doing is using my 48k projects and running them at 96k and this machine is AWESOME no issues at all now....I did tweak the buffering after watching Jon's vid on it... !! I'll tell you guys I never thought uping my sample rate could help PLUS I didn't have a machine that I thought could handle it....BUT it is like NIGHT n DAY instead of PILING on plugins to get that THICK WARM sound like I was used to in tape you can hear it INSTANTLY in 96k!! It is a BLESSING...I would be doing 192k but most plugin's don't work with that sample rate...

Thks for all the input again everyone...Jeff
Something is really off here!

I've heard many edge cases where HD sample rates shine and reveal a flaw from SD sample rates. I've heard examples of sample rate converters that run cleaner at HD vs SD. (Filtering off the sample rate frequency when it's RIGHT next to the audio band is hard it turns out.) Most of the time this stuff is transparent with modern algorithms though. Convert the sample rate on some audio with SOX or the stock Reaper src at the highest settings. Now convert it back (lossy from the already converted file). Now compare that twice over lossy conversion to the original audio. You can't tell at all in an A/B test and the thing nulls down to 90 or 100db or more with the original.

Sample rate conversion on the fly is another matter!
It uses significant CPU for one thing. (That's how you were putting your CPU use on blast FYI. The live on the fly conversion you were doing.) You can't use the highest non-realtime settings. The highest quality you can use on the fly is quite good but now we're into loss territory. If you're hearing what seems to be more accurate sound from after on the fly sample rate conversion vs native, something inadvertent is going on!

You have your block size dialed down to 32 samples. Presumably for some of the live performance work you do? Playing a MIDI instrument through VSTi sound module plugins or a guitar through an amp sim plugin? Or maybe running live sound for a stage? Something where you need to hear the output from the computer with no perceivable lag while you and/or others perform.

A point there to take away is... If you aren't doing anything live, you're setting the latency low for no reason and putting your machine on blast for no reason.

We usually see the more recent cutting edge machines with the guys doing orchestral work with literally hundreds of heavyweight sampler plugins all running live. Or guys recording actual orchestras with hundreds of channels. Workflow that raises your eyebrows a little. My now 10 year old 8 core 2.93 - 3.33 i7 machine with 32GB ram lets me mix at least 350 tracks (and as many or more plugins) of 96k audio (native recorded 96k) with a 5.1 surround mix.

So something doesn't add up here!
You're talking about a monster spec machine as though you have a Dell running Windows.
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