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Originally Posted by ElyR View Post
Audio Engine is not as strong
*lol* He's full of it. Ask him what he means by "strong". Ask him to be specific. He won't be able to.

Reaper is an engineer's DAW if there ever was one. Not only is it the most efficient DAW (according to testing), it has the most flexible, powerful routing of any DAW. Every track is a 64 channel DAW. For that matter, every item on every track is it's own 64 channel DAW.

Originally Posted by robdarling View Post
Cubase, for example, has to do some serious hoop-jumping in order to have input mixer inserts, and main mixer paths/inserts, and output mixer inserts, and control room mixer paths/inserts, and headphone mixer paths/inserts, with latency compensation that considers all of them.

The result is that, even with the move to the 64 bit mixer and some big improvements, it still sounds hazy/soft compared to Reaper
I used Cubase for 10 years and recently began transferring all my projects over Reaper and rebuilding their FX chains/automation/etc. so I can sell Cubase. That involves hours at the computer A/Bing Cubase against Reaper. Cubase doesn't sound in the least bit "hazy".
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