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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
These discussions pop up over and over and go on and on. If anyone really thinks that there is a difference in 'audio engines', post some sound examples of such. I never heard a single one in any of these sorts of threads, and I think there is good reason for it.
It's easy to "prove" that audio engines do differ, by performing poorly executed tests. Here's (what looks like?) proof, though, that there's *NO* difference between 'audio engines', or at least between their end results: . Now, I'm no techie, far from it in fact, so I can't vouch for this experiment to be conclusive. Besides, as announced at the start of the video, this test served specifically to only compare the summing of both DAW's, whatever that distinction may entail. But it does look like a simple procedure, which is well executed too.
Although, Dynamo was able to prove on several occasions, that it is possible to insert a smart phone into a Coca-Cola bottle...
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