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Originally Posted by Riddler View Post
I've previously used Chaingang [url]http://wBlackbart, care to elaborate on that setup? Which version of Pro Tools are you using? What circumstances dictate needing a PT session as your deliverable?.
Shows editing in AVID like to get a PT session with stems. They usually have the audio in a separate PT session for mixing. They can then import the music session and have everything lined up without having to think about any offsets.

I take lightpipe out of my RME card on the Reaper box and send it to the RME card on the PT box. I also use the vVMTC great. Unfortunately, PT likes to see MMC to really chase properly. Reaper doesn't have it...that's why I have the transcoded vid on Reaper.

I use 4 monitors...2 at eye level, 2 above. The top 2 have the Reaper and PT vid displays. I always want to make sure everyone's in sync. The bottom left monitor always shows the Reaper arrange window. The bottom right KVM switches the Reaper mix, PT, and other slaves.
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