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Originally Posted by Reaktor:[Dave] View Post
Reaper 32-bit will be installed to "c:\program files\reaper\" on a 32-bit system.
Reaper 64-bit will be installed to "c:\program files\reaper\" on a 64-bit system.
Thus, Reaper 32-bit will be installed to "c:\Program Files (x86)\REAPER" on a 64-bit system.

So airon is right. You're quoting the 32-bit reaper section.

P.S.: I think, Reaper's 64-bit installer standard path is "c:\program files\reaper (x64)\", though it shouldn't matter.
Heh heh, not that it's that important but on my Win7 comp 32 bit is under C>Program Files (x86) and 64 bit is C>Program Files.

Also, if you do a portable install you have to direct the install to the appropriate program folder. I'm not sure about the non-portable one.
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