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Have you tried to set up your laptop in accordance with the recommendations in the free user guide and the free video tutorials at
Also, a VERY significant, download and read the free setup document called Glitch Free (google it ) and also download, install & run`s latency checker. It will check your system setup and let you know if you have any system issues when doing multitrack audio/MIDI recording.

As a general rule of thumb, if you really want to get serious about recording, treat yourself to a decent AUDIO/MIDI interface. There are plenty of inexpensive ones out there that will really improve the performance of your laptop in terms of recording and mixing.

If you follow all this advice, YES it is boring but it will only need doing once if you do it properly & will transform your laptop`s A/M performance.

In the meantime, welcome to the forums!

P.S. If you really need to upload a picture or video to the forums, do so using a link to an online video/photo storage account.
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