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Default "Limit project length, Stop playback" function on non active Project tabs (FIXED)

I use Reaper live and this function is very useful to make Crossfaded Segways between 2 Project tabs. This way I can Have a Fermata Holding on Tab#1 and Start Tab#2 at the same time. When #1 is over, it'll stop by itself if I preprogram a stop time.


I just discovered that Tab#1 doesn't really stop until I put it in focus first.


1- Have 2 Tabs Opened and Set Auto-Stop on Tab#1 (Project Settings/Advanced/LimitProject Length...). Make sure you still have audio AFTER your stop point to validate that the Tab is still playing...

2- Hit Play and Switch to Tab#2 before Tab#1 reaches its Preprogrammed Stop Point.

3- Hear that Tab 2 Won't stop where it was supposed to.

4- When you switch back to Tab#1, it will stop normally.

So this function does NOT work on Background Tabs???
Can somebody confirm???

EDIT: Thanks Justin for fixing it in 550reapre1!!!
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