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Originally Posted by JGrabowMST View Post
Because of the speed audio gets written, you will not notice one ounce of a difference whether you record to an SSD or to a regular HDD. Plenty of field recorders use SD cards, which have a much lower read/write speed compared to a computer hard drive, and because of that, no SSD will improve performance. It will only improve access times when you load a session. Once the session is loaded, there will be zero benefit to an SSD.
Originally Posted by XITE-1/4LIVE View Post
SSDs for streaming sample apps is a must.
Humm, heh heh, definitely two different takes on this.

I've always admired your setup XITE-1, but you're coming from a live approach, could it be your needs and demands are a little different than some of us who are simply doing this in our studios? When your running samplers like Kontakt with your SSDs, are you running them in Sampler mode or DFD mode, or does it matter?

I know for myself, I've never had a problem playing back or recording using HHDs as long as my computer could handle what I gave it. By that I mean, when I hit play, my DAW started playing immediately and continued to play until I hit stop. If there was any lag time between from when I hit play and when it all played, it wasn't noticable or at the very least bothersome. I should mention a huge part of what I do is with samplers, primarily Kontakt. But it also includes recording & playing back vocals, guitars, cellos, fiddles, bass, etc., basically lots of acoustic instruments.

I should mention I put HHD recording in my studio back in the early 90s.

So how important are SSDs in the overall picture when it comes to performance in our non live studios?

Now I'm not against SSDs, I'm going to be getting them myself, but I would like to make some knowledgeable choices because money don't grow on trees. However, if it turns out that SSDs make a huge difference in recording and playback performance, I sure wouldn't be afraid to put money in that direction.
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