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Originally Posted by SMM View Post
For example, if my interface on the computer has a noise floor of -90dB
with a decent microphone being used, then, add in the noise of
the fans in the background, that changes the noise floor to around -50dB.

The noise floor of the room is always louder than the noise floor
of the equipment because of my fans running in the background.

That is a great reason for me to use a ZOOM R-16 for certain
material where I do not want to hear the room noise (fans) in
the background.
Aah okay, so you basically turn off your computer and record with your ZOOM.

The only problem with that is I've got umpteen recorded tracks going to the head phones, all of which need to be heard by the artists while recording.

Or are you sending the ZOOM a sub-mix of some kind? Still if I understand correctly, that would be rather inconvenient.

Really and truly I don't care about equipment noise at this point, it's the acoustical noise from the computer that is objectionable.

Not that it matters but my control room is specially built and is a very quiet room.

Thanks SMM.
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