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(edited) I still think user shouldn't care about all of that. He only should download installer once and use search in action list later as he use native actions or SWS.

So the updater/manager may only roughly replace repo with new one by getting official release pushed by some team member manually, replace all files whatever they updated or not (I suppose new version of any script is better than previous so it should always keep being updated). All "info" stuff (spreadsheets etc) we discussed here useful for scripters mainly, except script description (which manager tool could shows by selecting script in list and click on its menu, for example). So I think future manager should mainly operate including scripts from pack into action list rather than think what to do with new versions. To close "updates" discussion we could just make "manual/auto-update/check on reaper start" check in manager settings and dont make user head explode with strange settings like major/minor updates etc.

That`s base we firstly should start to make, I think. If we will speak a lot about potential deep functionality, we will never build something but only will discussing. Sorry for pointed this, I really want to implement this somehow just to let this project evolution begin, and not like X-Raym ideas were really cool but after 8 months nothing was implemented. Unfortunately my knowledges about C++ is very limited now, so I hope cfillion will build simple manager before I spent 1-2 years to figure how to build extension for this.

I also start adding headers from X-Raym template, currently only FX section has it.
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