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Hi, all

This theme has a history a little checkered ; its initial creator, Cal, is no longer being able to finalize it. Cincikat69 has then worked on it in several directions, as the theme was rather at a mockup state than a functional one when he received it. He then had to interrupt its work for personal reasons, so, with his agreement, hopi has passed three months ago the project to me and asked me to take a look on all this and see if something usable could be obtained from it.

So, here it is : a kind of 'vintage' theme which follows (more or less...) the REDD mixers look, these being used fifty years ago in Abbey Road studios... As much as I could, I tried to keep the graphic design of the theme original conceptor when editing the already existing graphic files. Then, I added several other ones, which were missing, in the same spirit and rewritten completely the rtconfig.txt file.

In it, you'll find VCA/Group layouts, horizontal meters ones and a fully redimensionable transport panel. Beside this, and more technically, both the mixer faders and meters have been calibrated for a -72/+6 dB range. I didn't use the version 5 statement in rtconfig.txt file header, as I think that this theme works fine with the way Reaper, previously to 5.xx versions, was tinting the tcp panels background while letting several appearance options still available to the user in the 'Preferences' window. As usual in my themes, I added to the zip file four toolbars (.ReaperMenu extension) which should be put in the \MenuSets subfolder of your Reaper installation then loaded with the 'Options-Customize menus/toolbars...' command.

At the end, I would really like to thank hopi for his continual support and suggestions done during the development of this theme and the test phase that followed.

Let me know what could be misbehaving and also any suggestion to improve it...

The link :

WARNING : this theme will probably be difficult to use with a vertical resolution less than 1200 pixels.

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