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Originally Posted by monty View Post
does xubuntu already work with a 5.0.0-31 lowlatency kernel?
I have installed a test xubuntu in a V-box but after installing 5.0.0-31 lowlatency, xubuntu freezes during reboot.
Yes it works. That's the one I am using in Xubuntu. However I am using version 19.04 so if you are using an earlier one I don't know if there's a potential problem.

I should ask if you are using an Nvidia GPU with the option to "force full composition pipeline" enabled (a setting that's in the proprietary Nvidia driver settings app "xserver settings"). If I made that setting persist it started upon boot, most times it would just give me a black screen and I would have to use the logout shortcut before I could see the desktop.
Using REAPER for Linux on Xubuntu 20.04
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