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It's easy enough to try. Disable your compositor, install Compton (it can be done through the "software" app), install the Compton settings app called "Window Effects". Run Compton, add it to the session startup list (it was there already and all I had to do was check a box).

I'd found this info before doing it. He uses apt and so forth, and I did not.

BTW that "Window Effects" setting manager for Compton: you won't see the changes you make until you logout and login again (or turn off/turn on Compton I guess). Also the first time you run it, it creates a compton.conf file in your home/user/.config folder. It has more advanced settings you can change manually.

You can turn Compton off easily enough and re-enable the default compositor, so you don't need a separate install. I suppose it might be theoretically possible to mess something up, but it works fine on both my computers switching between Compton and the default compositor.
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