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Glad to help! Yeah with a few Xfce distros I had the same problem regardless of the kernel (4.X or 5.X) and with a few different Nvidia driver versions too, with that setting enabled and persistent (so it started automatically on login). It seems to work fine for some people including a friend of mine, so there's probably a bug that needs to be worked out. Anyway Xfwm4 which is your default window manager, using Compton instead of the "built-in" compositor as I mentioned earlier, should mean you won't have to use that Nvidia setting at all. I'd try that.

And in case you're wondering, I had added that "force full composition pipeline" setting to my startup group once instead of changing xorg.conf (based on someone's advice I'd found in a Youtube video). It worked fine in MX Linux at one point, then after some updates to the OS/drivers/kernel it had the same problem from time to time.
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