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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
Yes, but it's second order. More definition.

Most until recent were first order (4 channels). Well, there is the Zylia, with 19 mics, but that one always needs software to "downsize" to 1st or 2nd order.

Plus, it's a digital mic. In a totally new price range. Ever looked at the price of a digital Neumann? I know what's on my wish-list!
Yes, you need to consider that you are essential getting 8 mics, each with their own analog signal path, which is calibrated individually so that you are recording with a balanced array. Other mics you mention use MEMs digital output capsules - we use analog capsules for better SNR and gain staging, directivity and well, sound quality! We also support 96kHz and have ADAT connectivity.

Thanks again for taking a look! The feedback is very much appreciated.
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