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Originally Posted by henrychang View Post
Along with a new computer, I'm looking into buying the Universal Audio UAD-2 Solo DSP accelerator card/plugin bundle. As usual, the item description on all the retail sites only mentions the pricey DAWs as far as compatibility goes. I know it says it supports VSTs, but I cannot find anything on the cockos forum or here about whether it works with REAPER or not. Does anyone here have a similar Universal Audio product or know if this is compatible with REAPER?
UAD-2 cards work great right of the box, using REAPER 4. You can keep REAPER's default buffer settings, so really nothing tweak in there either. I have been using a UAD-2 QUAD & SOLO in my DAW rig for years without any performance issues. There are lot's of other REAPER/UAD-2 users as well. If you can swing it, I would get a SOLO Flexi. UA gives you an additional $500 plug-in voucher for like 40 cents on the dollar. You can get SOLO Flexi's for under $600. Then you have $500 bucks to get any UAD-2 plug-ins that you want.

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