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Yes there is a switch to go to ..patch..performance...and rythym modes.
You can set the control midi Chanel for performance selection in the system section.

Say the global CH is 1. When in patch mode patches respond to that CH and respond to PC on ch 1. Then, when in performance mode, you can have another CH,say 16, to receive PC to switch between various performances.

When in perf mode, the 16 "parts" available can be set to various midi CH.
And each will respond to PC sent on their respective midi CH.

Sysex can also be used to switch between patch, perf and rythym mode.

I have other synths that also use this protocol.

You guys are awesome schwa!



Edit...dam, I see your asking about rythyms. Rhythm parts are part of performance mode and receive data on mifi CH 10.
Since ive always used an editor librarian, Sounddiver, I've never touched the front panel of my 1080, so thanks for making me look at it.:-)
I can capture what sysex commands sounddiver uses if nessacary.

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