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It's interesting you find issues with midi cc data and timing - because by its very nature - a lua/eel/C++ script in Reaper will always have timing issues due to the fact the scripts are run in the graphics thread - so processing is limited to the graphics refresh rate - somewhere between 30 to 50 times per second (and AFAIK there is no way to set up buffers that would trigger things using a timing offset).

So the maths suggest there will often be some (smallish) latency with anything a script does live (around 20ms if it was polling at 50Hz). It depends I guess on when the trigger is activated and whether the script is about to begin polling at the time.

This actually affects all the automation within Stripper, the morphing, any button triggers/ knob turning / faderbox automation etc. You can easily see this when trying to morph anything at less than 1/8 notes (tempo dependent) - clearly the values tend to jump between the extremes rather than neatly travelling between them.

For me - none of it is a problem - I treat minor differences between trigger times as a sort of humanisation of the automation. But for surgical snapshot switching etc - it would become noticeable. With slow fades it's very hard to notice - but it is there. If I need surgical changes - then I'd probably record the automation output by Stripper and then tweak once everything else is set.

So if a JSFX generating MIDI is not going to be accurate enough for you - I'm don't think a lua script generating live automation data is going to be any more accurate, and could be possibly worse. I've not experienced any noticeable issues with MIDI CC automation - but then I probably don't tend to do as much because I tend to mix more than compose/produce nowadays.

But - if you're using Stripper and happy with it's response despite the issues I've mentioned - then that's great and I would consider adding some sort of LFO or complex mod envelope if I could do it cheaply CPU wise (which I probably could - just need to work out the details).
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