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Short author-provided documentation will be viewable directly from ReaPack 1.1 (it's in pre-release) and longer documents (such as pdfs) can be linked.
My opinion on this is that documentation files (pdf...) should be available online but not automatically installed on all computers.

I experimented with your suggestion today, however making the documentation searchable causes a noticeable performance drop. But I don't dislike the idea so I'll try another way. Hopefully it won't be too slow!
(EDIT: It still takes 100ms to load 200 packages with a moderately-sized documentation in each one – was 23ms before this change)

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I could not get it working through a proxy (also the Reaper update check does not seem to work through a proxy).
Could you try with a 1.1 pre-release? Proxy settings can be configured from the new "Network settings" in Manage repositories > Options.

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