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Originally Posted by cfillion View Post
I just finished updating the packaging docs for the new features of v1.1.
I have some questions regarding this guide.

What is the "indexer" you mention (e.g. "by running the indexer with the --amend option.")

This "natural" "package extensions" (types) are .lua, .eel, .py, .jsfx, .ext, .data, and .theme .
While I easily can guess what the types are, I fail to understand the complete picture.

I suppose with a single ASCII format files the package file is just the original file renamed and enhanced by some lines of ReaPack metadata in the format described in the guide. These lines are formatted in a way that the original "reader" of the file (e.g. script compiler) takes them as comments.

With non ASCII files ("data" or "ext") this seems not to be possible in such an easy way. What paradigm is supposed to be used here ?

To me, the missing of VST files (.DLL in Windows) seems like a decent omission. I really would like to see e.g. the very useful "MidiToReaControlPass" (which is both a VST and a Reaper extension, but mostly is seen as a VST plugin) in the standard library of ReaPack. Would this be possible with the type ".ext" ?

I also did not understand how multiple installable files are combined in a ReaPack. Is a kind of "Tagged" format used (like TIFF, TAR or ZIP) that allows for combining multiple files in one ? (BTW I would think this is very appropriate for "Package" management.)

The "@metapackage" and the "@provides" tags seem to come into action for multiple files, but I don't understand, how they are supposed to work.

Regarding Platforms, I see "Windows" and "OSX" (in fact ReaPack is not installable in Windows XP, but same is obsolete, anyway.) Additional targets might be Desktop Linux (there is a pre-release Reaper version), iOS and Android (there are remote control apps that work with Reaper).

Thanks for Listening... (In fact I did not read this forum thread completely from the beginning, as right now I want act as a documentation beta tester.)

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