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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Why do you want to use OSC and not just Midi (OK, I suppose there is a way to send Midi via TCP/IP, but I did not do that yet).
I want to use osc because:
- I think it is possible (I hope my script doesn't need to much tweaking to exactly do what I want)
- Midi via RTP is not an option on this set-up because the laptop is on linux, and the rack is on windows7 with a copperlan running on it for other duties. Copperlan is not available on linux.

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
What is the running track supposed to do when it reaches a Marker, and how do you want to make it do that ? Does it generate an OSC message when reaching a Marker already by default ?
Yes, it is sending a last marker message by default.

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
What do you think the "slaved" Reaper needs to be sent to perform a jump. I know there are Actions for such in SWS, but I did not try. (And you can trigger Reaper actions as well by OSC (which I did not try) as by Midi CC messages.
It is actually performing a jump to the marker sent by oscii bot:
oscsend(LiveFX_Reaper, "i/marker", 1); // send goto marker 1

I'm probably not clear , sorry I'm not a native english:
the script is working, but at this state, each time my "reaper tracks" laptop send a last marker string, my reaper fx machine jump at the marker 1.
What I need is a way for oscii bot to select only markers with a predefined number (or better, name) sent by reapertracks, and to send to livefx reaper a "i,marker",x (x=1 for verse, 2 for chorus 3 for bridge, you get the idea).

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
(BTW.: "localhost" is the same machine. to access some other PC, you need to give an IP number. )
It is working like that, because oscii bot is on the rack Live fx machine. Reapertracks laptop is configured (in reaper/surface control) to send osc to the rack machine IP on port 9000 (the osc template is "standard" stripped down to send only markers info).
Fx live reaper is listening on port 8000. So oscii bot is receiving on port 9000 (reaper tracks) and sending on port 8000 (Fx reaper)

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